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Hockey Equipment Needed of For Sale



I'm looking to find a pair of skates size 10 1/2 or 11 for a college student that would like to skate but is not a rock star.

Please contact me at

Customized 12" x 8" canvas small gear bags

One of our former league players, Teresa Brown, makes canvas/skate lace bags (pictured to the left and below) to hold all the items (e.g. hockey tape, mouthguard case, deodorant, hair ties, etc.) which can tumble around in our bigger hockey bag.  This smaller bag has a lace loop for hanging on hooks in locker rooms and is available in many color canvas and skate lace colors to match team jerseys. It can also be customized with player jersey numbers or initials.

Cost ranges from $12 to $17 depending on customization level and shipping options.  For more info, contact her at:

Small gear canvas bags by Teresa Brown

Hockey Equipment for Sale

Buy Single Pieces
or Really Score -
Buy in Packages!









Hockey Equipment for Sale

Buy Single Pieces
or Really Score -
Buy in Packages!








Goalie Equipment for Sale

Buy the Whole Package and
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Equipment Tree!

Hockey Skates for Sale

Men's senior size 6 Easton Stealth S17 hockey skates for sale. They have
only been used about 12 times. They are heat moldable and have not been
heat molded at all yet. I bought them too soon after an injury and it turns
out that they are too big for me. Selling for $100. I will also consider trading for a size 5 pair of junior hockey skates.  I bought them on sale for $279 last December.  If interested please call Brenda at (248) 376-7206.

Slightly Used Hockey Equipment for Sale

Everything you need to get out on the ice! All the pads, 2 sticks, a helmet, and a bag is included. I have skates, too, but those will cost an additional $100, they are CCM Mens size 4. The equipment is gently used and like new. It has no odor and is very clean. 
 Email Crystal Collin for more information

Helmet - Reebok 8k-M. Fits 6 7/8"-7 3/8"
Pants - CCM 004. Fits 30"-34" waist and height of 5'0"-5'7"
Chest Pads - Easton Stealth. Youth Large.
Elbow Pads - Easton. Max coverage. Adult Small
Gloves - Easton Stealth Ergo Thumb. 12"/31cm
Shin Pads - Easton Stealth Ideal Fit. 13"/33cm
Sticks - Bauer Supreme One95 and Easton SYNERGY

Customized canvas small gear bags


Looking to contain all of the small items that float around in your hockey bag?  Do it in style.  These snazzy bags are hand-made by former league player Teresa Brown and are available in color and lace customization.  Sizes include 12" x 9" as well as smaller wallet sizes. Cost start at $12.  For more info, contact Teresa at either of the email address listed below the pictures to the left: or